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Spirit Alchemy light-3.png
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Channeled from Spirit

For Your Soul Business

The Essence...

When you are co-creating with Spirit, Offerings that are truly purposeful for your soul clients,

You want the energetics to be crystal clear ...


Especially when you acknowledge that your soul clients are empathic & Intuitive themselves.

You want the quantum field to call them in, 

Because what you are channeling, Is magnetic.

You can meet their desires,

Their 'yes', Without having to 'sell' them.


Read The Details...

But Pay Attention To What Is Activated Within You.

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6 Month Journey

Crowning Our Divine Feminine As The Leader Within

Crystal Clear Energetics &

Magnetic Embodiment

Upgrading Our Soul Clients & Telepathically Calling Them In 


Month 1

Femme Preistess

Month 2

Celestial Sorceress

Expanding Our Field To Hold Space For More Clients 

Calibrating With New Levels Of Pure Power & Impact 

Tapping Into The Spirit Guides Network & Activating Connections In The Quantum Field 

Month 3

Divine Channel

Creating Portals For Transmissions & New Codes

Honouring The Different Types Of Downloads

How To 'Land' Them Into Our Offerings 

Not Only Being SEEN,

But Being Deeply FELT

Healing The Inner Child, Sister Wound & Witch Wound

Finding your divine voice &

Creating RADIANT Content

Showing Up However You WANT To & Truly Engaging

Month 4


The Spirit Lead Launch Formula

Tapping Into The Offering's Unique Blueprint

Energetically Coding Our Services / Products In The Quantum Field

5D Energy Anchors & Utilising Angel Numbers

Month 5

Strategy Alchemist

The Energy Sequence Of A Sale

Securing Our Attachment Styles When Selling

Inviting An Empowered Investment 


Divine Receivership &

Expanding Our Field Of Abundance 

Month 6

Sales Pixie

The Layout


Guided Rituals

Spirit Alchemy light-13.png

Live Channeled Transmissions Every Second Week, Where You Receive The Teachings From Spirit.

After The Transmissions, Spirit Channels Through A Guided Ritual, Assisting Us With integration.

Psychic Biz Guidance

Group Support


As A Bonus, I'll Be Hosting Some Live Sessions Offering Psychic Guidance For Your Soul Business.

In The Private Group You'll Share Your Business With The Other Soul Sisters & 

Grow together.

Energetic Exchange

The live group mentorship of Spirit Alchemy was $2222 at full price.

However, You can access the full replay for $555AUD.

Replay / Self Study

$555 AUD

Spirit Alchemy light-14.png

You Currently Feel...

You'd Love To Feel...

- Like your soul business is ready for an expansion

- That your soul client is needing an upgrade

- Your Spirit Guides are wanting to offer more guidance

- Uninspired by the old paradigm / 3D world of business 

- Like you're spending too much time on systems, Tech, BTS

- Bored of the things you've been told to do (that never resonated) 

- As if you're showing up but not really being noticed 

- You've reached a plateau with your impact 

- Attached /  Icky about sales 

- Ready to receive more

- Feminine, Crystal Clear & Magnetic

- Free from 3D business dynamics

- In alignment with your true essence & soul biz blueprint

- Heightened in your capacity to hold space / create impact

- Fully supported with guidance from Spirit 

- Radiant in your power

- Truly FELT by your ideal soul clients

- Like your channel is centre stage & You're flowing with what is coming through you

- Like a magical witch when it comes to launching / marketing & strategy

- Secure & Open, With a 'clean' frequency when it comes to sales

I'm Feeling All Of This...


If you have any questions ...

Connect with me through any of these channels:


Instagram DM @jessicareidclairvoyant

Facebook Jessica Reid

Love, Jessie x

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