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Group Mentorship Platform

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6 Month Group Mentorship

May 3rd - November 

Crowning Our Divine Feminine As The Leader Within

Crystal Clear Energetics &

Magnetic Embodiment

Upgrading Our Soul Clients & Telepathically Calling Them In 


Month 1

Femme Preistess

Month 2

Celestial Sorceress

Expanding Our Field To Hold Space For More Clients 

Calibrating With New Levels Of Pure Power & Impact 

Tapping Into The Spirit Guides Network & Activating Connections In The Quantum Field 

Month 3

Divine Channel

Creating Portals For Transmissions & New Codes

Honouring The Different Types Of Downloads

How To 'Land' Them Into Our Offerings 

Not Only Being SEEN,

But Being Deeply FELT

Healing The Inner Child, Sister Wound & Witch Wound

Finding your divine voice &

Creating RADIANT Content

Showing Up However You WANT To & Truly Engaging

Month 4


The Spirit Lead Launch Formula

Tapping Into The Offering's Unique Blueprint

Energetically Coding Our Services / Products In The Quantum Field

5D Energy Anchors & Utilising Angel Numbers

Month 5

Strategy Alchemist

The Energy Sequence Of A Sale

Securing Our Attachment Styles When Selling

Inviting An Empowered Investment 


Divine Receivership &

Expanding Our Field Of Abundance 

Month 6

Sales Pixie

The Layout


Guided Rituals

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Live Channeled Transmissions Every Second Week, Where You Receive The Teachings From Spirit.

After The Transmissions, Spirit Channels Through A Guided Ritual, Assisting Us With integration.

Psychic Biz Guidance

Group Support


As A Bonus, I'll Be Hosting Some Live Sessions Offering Psychic Guidance For Your Soul Business.

In The Private Group You'll Share Your Business With The Other Soul Sisters & 

Grow together.


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Transmissions, Rituals, Guided Practices &

Psychic Guidance Sessions


Femme Priestess

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