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Hey Sweet Soul! I'm Jessie,

A Clairvoyant and Channel,

My expertise is to connect and communicate with Spirit,

So I can bring their guidance to you,

As well as reminding you how to utilise your own Intuitive Gifts!

Personally I'm a fun, playful, girly-girl, wild child,

traveler & visionary who loves

horse riding & camping out in nature.

Astro -     Sun: Leo     Moon: Aries     Rising: Sagittarius

See more of my personal life on Instagram @jessicareidclairvoyant


I'm also the founder of

Which is for all my intuitive sisters!

We hang out in our online

Facebook Group  / Instagram,

+ I host the Spirit Girls Podcast

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Melissa Ambrosini - Speaker & Bestselling Author Of Mastering Your Mean Girl'

"A reading with Jessica is like a warm hug from your bestie.

She oozes love, softness, compassion and beautiful goddess like energy."

Mel Wells - Hay House Author Of The Goddess Revolution

“My first reading with Jess led me to my soulmate... I can’t express how grateful I

am to her and her continual guidance.”

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Amber lee Lyons - Chakra Girl

“I had a Reading with Jessica & It was so freaking good, The most accurate and

direct guidance in all areas.”

Niyc Pidgeon, Hay House Author Of Now Is Your Chance

"I had a truly profound reading from Jess, for which I am hugely grateful. Jess managed to pinpoint the exact areas that I need help with right now, and offered insight that just made everything click in to place for me. The session brought me more clarity and energy, and allowed me to feel supported on the path and journey that I am on. Thank you!"

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Phone: 0480154090

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