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In my Readings, I utilise my Clairvoyance and connection with Spirit to bring through guidance,

For your soul's highest good...

What can be accessed?

🔮 Spiritual Guides, Loved ones & Their messages for you


🔮 Soul Origins & Which dimensions / Realms to work with


🔮 Your Intuitive Gifts / Spiritual Abilities


🔮 Soul's purpose / Reason for coming to the earth


🔮 Insight into each area of your life and how it's progressing 


🔮 What is in alignment with your soul's path for this lifetime

🔮 Crystals that you are being guided to connect with

🔮 Chakra analysis

🔮 Health insights & Guidance

🔮 Past Lives and how they may be affecting your current life 

🔮 Any blocks or limitations and where they stem from 


🔮 Ancestral DNA / Patterns within your lineage


🔮 Your Inner Child (& what needs healing)

🔮 Guidance upon your purposeful business 


🔮 Soul Group Relationships / Roles


🔮 Soul Mate / Twin Flame Relationships


🔮 Any soul's that are waiting to become your child/children


🔮 Geographic location / Where you're being drawn to live              (Earth Grid Alignment)

And any other personal questions you may have!


(It's your choice what we focus on with the time we have)

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90 Minutes

90 Mins is required for a

first time Soul Reading

$255.00 AUD

60 Minutes

60 Min follow-up Readings are only

available for previous clients

$211.00 AUD

For all of my Readings, There is generally a 1 - 2 week  wait, Once you purchase the type of Reading

you'd like to have, You'll be redirected to my calendar to book a time that suits you.

(Suitable times for most countries, If not I can work it out with you via email.)

Readings include a recording (which will be emailed to you the following week) as I find that there is so much more to pick up on when you listen back again.

LOVE LIFE (1).png

This is a 45min Video Call Session, Which is recorded for you to watch back over,

For $133 AUD

Aphrodite Reading + Integration Session

90mins For $222 AUD

Spirit Baby.png

This is a 45min Video Call Session, Which is recorded for you to watch back over,

For $133 AUD

Spirit Baby Reading + Womb Healing

90mins For $222 AUD

Abundance Readings.png

This is a 45min Video Call Session, Which is recorded for you to watch back over,

For $133 AUD


These sessions will explore past, Present & Future insights upon your love life,
Whether it is relative to being single or in a relationship.

We'll be tapping into:

- Your heart chakra & Area of romance to explore the foundational energetics

- Any blocks, Walls, Patterns, Resistances to receiving love & How to clear them

- Approach to dating & What your Spirit guides are encouraging you to look for

- Ex partners that may still be in your field / Needing closure & completion

- Soul mate & twin flame connections

- Past lives that relate to romance (or particular partners you may have soul history with)

- Soul contract for this lifetime, Purpose of the relationship, Challenges for growth, The most aligned dynamic (for current or future relationships)

- Understanding your romantic triggers (& your partners if in relationship)

- Personal healing that needs to take place in order to manifest / nourish the relationship

- Your attachment style & Love languages

- How the feminine & masculine embodiments are aligned or needing adjustment

- Acknowledging parental imprints that are both positively / negatively affecting your love life

- Your future together & What that lifestyle looks like

- Or any personal questions you have about your love life.


These Readings are relative for past experiences, Future conception, Pregnancies + Even current children you'd like to understand at a soul level!

We'll be tapping into:

- Your Spirit Babies, Your soul contracts, What they may have as guidance for you + What they may be planning from above

- Your sacral chakra energy

- What your womb space wants to express, Acknowledge & Share with you

- Body scan, What the body is needing as a whole for nourishment & Physical fertility

- Your Spiritual fertility

- Your Mental & Emotional bodies - Any blocks, Walls, Resistances or initiations to becoming a mother (for the first time or again)

- Any past life insights relative to fertility, Birth, Motherhood

- Generational trauma that may need to be cleared before the next generation will come in to your lineage

- Your partners alignment with becoming a father

- Any messages for your relationship moving into parenthood / expanding your family

- Guidance for conception, Pregnancy, Birth + Postpartum

- Anything your spirit baby is asking of you as parents during their childhood / growing up

- Spiritual connections with other family members / siblings

- Any personal questions you have on this subject


Abundance Readings 

A clairvoyant Reading, Specifically focused on understanding your own soul’s blueprint for abundance + money …

Where we will tune into :

- Your energetic alignment with Abundance

- Exploring your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional + Physical relationship with Money

- Chakra system analysis (specifically relating to abundance)

- Ancestral DNA / Generational wealth consciousness

- Your attachment style to money

- How your nervous system relates to the safety of having more than enough

- Personal worthiness / Sense of deserving / Receptivity

- Clarifying resistances / Blocks / Self sabotaging / Patterns

- Your capacity to hold abundance in your field / reality

- The best way for you to expand your capacity

- Exploring the channels / avenues for income (what is / isn’t aligned)

- If you have a business we can tune into particular price points / Selling methods


Abundance Reading + Integration Session

90mins For $222 AUD



Melissa Ambrosini - Speaker & Bestselling Author Of 'Mastering Your Mean Girl' 

"A reading with Jessica is like a warm hug from your bestie.

She oozes love, softness, compassion and beautiful goddess like energy."


Shannon Kaiser, Bestselling Author Of The Self-Love Experiment

"Jessica is amazing. Within the first 15 min I felt a huge release of things I didn’t even know

I was carrying around. I feel more grounded, purposeful and focused. 

A true gift she is to this world."

Niyc Pidgeon, Hay House Author

I had a truly profound reading from Jess, for which I am hugely grateful. Jess managed to pinpoint the exact areas that I need help with right now, and offer insight that just made everything click in to place for me. It was like a light bulb going on! Working with Jess has allowed me to gain perspective on some of the healing work that I still have to do, in order to allow myself to move forwards with the strength and power that I desire. The session brought me more clarity and energy, and allowed me to feel supported on the path and journey that I am on. Thank you!

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