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The purpose of my Intuitive Consults are to help you understand your unique Intuitive Gifts,

Your next steps in development & Consulting which course would be the best fit for you!

In our 1:1 session, We will initially discuss your Intuitive experiences and why / how you desire to enhance your abilities,


As well as whether you are developing your gifts for your own personal guidance, Or if you'd also love to utilise them to serve others through a soul business.


I will tune in with you, I'll connect with Spirit and provide insights into:

- Any Intuitive blocks, Where they originate & How you can personally clear them 

- An analysis of your Clairs (Intuitive Gifts), Which ones are active and which are needing some work


-  How Spirit is trying to communicate with you & How to notice their guidance

- Where / how to begin your development

- Whether your Intuitive Gifts are integrated with your purpose / How you serve others

And then we will consult which course of mine would be the most effective for you!

(Please note this session is for the above purposes only,

It is not a Reading to ask for guidance on life areas such as relationships etc.)


Let's delve into your Intuitive Gifts & Development!

45 Minutes


Your investment is redeemable on the course we

decide as the best fit for your development!

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