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About Jessie

Hi, I'm Jessica and this is my story so far...


Ever since I was born I have been able to see and communicate with more than just the 'physical', I have always percieved and observed life through a very different consciousness {as oppossed to what I was being taught about life from schooling / society}, Always tended to 'Know' things that were going to happen and I always had a deep desire to live a life of purpose, success, fun and freedom! 


I grew up in a loving family environment spending lots of time out camping and enjoying time at the river, I would always tell my parents about the things I could see and the things I knew, I would tell them that 'One day I'll be an entrepreneur and run a business based on my purpose and what I was passionate about, I would describe to them the house that I could see myself living in and how my lifestyle was filled with fun, abundance, generosity and freedom'


Throughout schooling I tended to 'shut off' my gifts and perceptions as they weren't 'normal' or understood, As well as wanting to delve into the fun teenage years of being a careless wild child !


At the age of 18 I moved to Australia for an adventure with my partner, When I returned home I was a completely new path.


While in Australia I experienced an extreme overnight awakening and the only thing that regained my bliss was tapping back into my spiritual consciousness by reading, learning and expanding on a regular basis and I tapped into an innate knowing of how my consciousness was creating my life experience. 


My Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairsentience (feeling/sensing) and Mediumship/Channeling (communicating) increased as well as experiencing regular Astral Travelling (out of body experiences) and many other experiences within myself and with my Guides, Angels etc.


I can now see and appreciate my experience through what seemed like 'Anxiety' as my own awakening - The intensity was purely a 'push' of urgent guidance onto my path (I was not in alignment with who I really was and who I came here to be at that point in time) and the more I came into alignment within myself and the more I focused on fulfilling my purpose, the more relief, bliss and enjoyment I experienced.


Throughout this journey of alignment and purpose, I knew it was time to leave my job, Move home to New Zealand, Finish my relationship at the time and to start my purpose-based business.


My Purpose and vision is to bring forward the information that I access from my guides, to help others come into alignment with who they really are and who they came here to be, to access their intuitive gifts, fulfil their purpose and to enjoy their best possible path here on the earth.

If you really want to know me personally, 

I'm also just a fun, cheeky, girly-girl, earthangel, starseed, wild child,

traveling gypsy, wanderlust-er, visionary & #bossbabe

& for the astro-chicks, I'm...  Sun: Leo     Moon: Aries     Rising: Sagittarius

I LOVE my soul sisters just as much as I love guacamole, crystals and 'Sex and The City',

So I can't wait to connect with you!!

Much Love,

Jessie xo



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