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Intensives & Mentorships

If you're gifted & you're ready to share your light with the world, If you're ready to live your highest soul's path from a place of alignment and enjoyment, I am here to help you expand along your journey with my Clairvoyant Guidance, Experience & Support


1:1 Gifted Girl

 6 Week Intensive

Can you feel your Gifts & Purpose within you, Waiting to be illuminated and fulfilled?


Is it important for you to be on track with your path, making the most of the life that your soul intended to live?


As a Global Clairvoyant, Channel & Purpose Fulfilment Coach, I work with our guides to...


- Illuminate your Gifts & Purpose 


- Provide guidance along your path and to help you understand your soul's intention within this lifetime


- Uncover and transcend what is holding you back from living your most gifted, purposeful, enlightened and empowered life 


- How to tangibly utilise your intuitive gifts & work with Spirit in your own unique way

This intensive is a condensed version of the 90day Mentorship and includes:


- Full 90min Soul Consciousness Reading


- 5 weeks of Coaching Sessions

- Free Bonus: Quantum Leaping Online Course {Valued at $222USD}


Within this this Intensive, You will be fully supported, encouraged and believed in, All you have to do is step up for yourself and your path!


Self Investment: $1,555USD


If this Intensive is what calls to you and you're ready to step up, we're ready to connect, click on the link below to claim your Complementary Clarity Session NOW to find out more!





Complimentary Clarity Session Application

1:1 Gifted Girl

 90 Day Mentorship

Are you gifted & purposeful?

Are you ready to share your light with the world?

Are you ready to embody your soul's highest path and transcend your limitations/fears?


If it's important for you to embody your soul's gifts, purpose and vision, If it's important for you to fulfill this life's highest potentials and to create positive impact in this world...

It's time to illuminate your soul, access your higher consciousness and to find fulfillment and creative freedom!


I am here to utilize my Clairvoyant gifts and access insight from your guides to assist you in your expansion - with love, support & empowerment! 

Tapping into your soul and higher consciousness is the most powerful way of creating your souls purpose and vision so that you can leap into your new reality, 


As a Global Clairvoyant, Channel & Purpose Fulfilment Coach, Along with our guides, I help you to do so with my 90 Day Mentorship which includes:

- A Full 90min Soul Consciousness Reading

- 3 hour Intensive 

- 10 Weekly Coaching Sessions

- Aligning with your soul's embodiment

- Clarifying & Utilising Your Gifts


- Connecting you with your guides 

- Discovering and illuminating your purpose

- Guidance upon how you can best create avenues to fulfill and share/offer your purpose


- Increasing your own sense of worthiness / value and shifting into your soul's money story so that you can easily charge your worth and happily receive your exchange


- Uncovering, Healing and transcending your soul's blocks / limitations (whether it be past life, inner child, traumatic experience, conditioned belief, lack of self love etc.) so that you can move forward fearlessly 


- From your desires and what guidance has come through within your reading, Creating a structure/vision to focus on and fulfill


- Expansive steps - Implementing structure, movements and momentum, These may be personal and/or steps towards creating/expanding your purposeful business


- Complete guidance, support and loving encouragement all the way through


- Free Bonus: Quantum Leaping Online Course {Valued at $222USD}

Here's some feedback from Hannah about her Mentorship

"When I started my Mentorship with Jess I could’ve never imagined where I would be now.  

I am able to do readings without preparation and channel messages from Spirit like never before,

I have started channeling my guides directly through me and they even come through in my readings now,


My business is growing from strength to strength.  Signing on my first intuitive coaching clients and beaming with Joy at the results my clients are experiencing.  


Jessica has such a wonderful, pure, genuine energy about her and such a strong connection to Spirit.  Her combination of practical tools and soul expansion techniques through her divine connection to Spirit is phenomenal."

Click HERE to read Hannah's full testimonial


Self Investment: $3333USD {Payment Plans Available}


If this calls to you and you're ready to step up to your soul's highest path, we're ready to connect, click on the link below to claim your Complementary Clarity Session NOW


Complimentary Clarity Session Application

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