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1:1 Intensive Work

If you're intuitive & you're ready to share your gifts with the world, If you're ready to live your highest soul's path I am here to help you expand along your journey with my Clairvoyant Guidance, Experience & Support


1:1 Gifted Girl



Can you feel your Gifts & Purpose within you, Waiting to be illuminated and fulfilled?


Is it important for you to be on track with your path, making the most of the life that your soul intended to live?


As a Global Clairvoyant & Channel I work with our  spirit guides to...

- Uncover and transcend what is holding you back from living your most gifted, purposeful, enlightened and empowered life 


- Illuminate your Gifts & Purpose 

- How to tangibly utilise your intuitive gifts & work with Spirit in your own unique way

- How to share your Intuitive Gifts with others to provide guidance


This intensive includes:

- Access to Spirit Guides: The Course (Valued at $222USD)


- Full 90min Soul Consciousness Reading


- 5 x 1hr  Spirit-Guided Coaching Sessions 

Taking 10 weeks to complete.


Within this this Intensive, You will be fully supported, encouraged and believed in, All you have to do is

step up for yourself and your path!


Self Investment: $1,555USD


If this Intensive is what calls to you and you're ready to step up, we're ready to connect, click on the link below to get in touch & request a complementary call NOW!




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