Where Intuitives Practice & Develop Their Abilities


Practice Prism is the place where Intuitive's practice & Develop their abilities, Alongside supportive soul sisters...

Where we palpably experience our gifts &

Realise that they are undoubtably REAL.

Like a portal that raises us to see how MAGIC we are...

While powerfully enhancing our confidence!

The Practice Prism is here for you to EMBODY the

Intuitive / Psychic / Clairvoyant / Medium / Seer / Guide / Mystic that you are.


1 hour live group practice sessions every second week

(Suited to all timezones worldwide)

With new guided practices each session,

To develop & diversify your abilities!


I set up a 'circle' so that everyone has someone to tune into, While someone else is tuning in for them ...

We practice the Intuitive process, Allow the insights, guidance & messages to come through, Then go around the circle taking turns sharing our experiences with each other!


What it looks like...

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Prism ...

$33 USD / Month

*Month-By-Month thereafter, Cancel anytime.

Join now for a1 month trial, My treat!

The experience & Expansion

In these sessions you'll be tuning into soul sisters who you don't know personally, So there's no emotional attachment & you know it's not just 'coming from your mind'

I'll be there every step of the way to assist you in navigating your experience / Insights

You'll feel your confidence growing each time you get a confirmation & Feel well prepared to offer Readings professionally (If you feel called to)

As well as receiving guidance & Providing confirmation / feedback too!

A sneak peek...

Into one of our practice sessions, 

Where Irene is sharing the insights she received after her first try...

Enter The 

Prism ...

$33 USD / Month

*Month-By-Month thereafter, Cancel anytime.

Join now for a1 month trial, My treat!

The intention...

Within my live, Intuitive development courses, Such as Gifted Experts and Oracle Advancement, We have been having these Practice Sessions together, To tangibly exchange our abilities and receive confirmation...

My sisters have always said, That these sessions have taken their gifts to new heights,

They've found that it's much easier to practice with others than on their own, That the confirmation helps them believe in themselves...

And at the end of each session they've all got a glow on their face, From the boost of confidence they just received!

I know it's the most tangible way to not just learn about your Intuitive Gifts, But to actually utilise them, So creating Practice Prism was a no brainer!

Our practices...

As I mentioned earlier, We'll be exploring different Intuitive practices, To develop & diversify our abilities, Such as:

- Aura Readings

- Chakra Analysis 

- Exploring all Clairs 

(Visions, Hearing messages, Feelings & Knowings)

- Card Pulls for one another

- Psychometry (Reading physical objects)

- Tuning in to each others soul origins

- Picking up on Spirit Guides 

- Discovering each others Spirit Animals

- Soul purpose insights 

- Body scans & Medical Mediumship

- Guidance for healing

- Relationships & Love

+ Spotlight personal questions!

Enter The 

Prism ...

$33 USD / Month

*Month-By-Month thereafter, Cancel anytime.

Join now for a1 month trial, My treat!