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Is your soul's purpose important to you?

Are you aware of your potentials?

Do you have a vision for what you would like to create / experience in this lifetime?

Is your soul ready to QUANTUM LEAP beyond your human limitations & into your highest path?

Quantum Leaping is the bridge between where you are and where your soul desires to be,

It's a technique that my spiritual guides taught me to utilise the law of attraction in a step by step process, Quantum Leaping shifts you from your current reality into your soul's higher parallel realities.



Within This Quantum Leaping Online Course You'll Learn:

- Quantum Physics & The Laws Of The Universe

- Parallel Realities & How To Gain Insight From Your Future Self

- How To Quantum Leap Into Your New Reality

What's Included?

- Channeling From My Spiritual Guides About Quantum Leaping

- Training Videos

- Worksheets

- Quantum Leaping Guided Meditation Process x 2

How will Quantum Leaping help you expand & Manifest your soul's higher potentials?

Quantum Leaping powerfully enhances the law of attraction by creating a step by step process that empowers you to transcend anything that is no longer serving your highest good and shows you how to step into your soul's higher potentials, Quantum Leaping reminds you how to harness the power of your consciousness in order to live your soul's highest purpose & vision while here in the physical dimension 

What Is Quantum Leaping &

How Does It Work?

"Everyone needs this.  It will literally, change your life, expand your journey and clarify your purpose and path."

Valued At $222USD

Available for only $111USD!


What people are saying!

"I'll tell you all that Jessica has the abilities she claims to have. She is as real as it gets. She helped me overcome a major hurdle in my spiritual growth. And now, thanks to her help, I am able to pursue my life's purpose."

"Jess is an amazing guide from the Higher realms and she brings through her insight with such beautiful simplicity and ease. Thank you so much Jess for shining your light and inspiring me to do the same."

 "I LOVE this course. It's just like when reading a good book, you don't want to put it down, because you just have to know what happens next, but in this case, it's, whats the next step, what can i learn next, how can i get 'higher'? You are blessed with such wisdom and insight. thank you for bringing it forward."

"No words would ever thank you enough for this course I  love it. For me It's perfect timing with the mindset and beliefs that have shifted from my life. Years ago I read a bit about Quantum Physics so in that one video you have reactivated a few things for me :) plus a lot more, what a beautiful amount of information on this topic in the best way I've ever heard it and this is just the start of it :) thank you for simplifying what others make so complex you are a crystal a beautiful crystal." 

"OMG Jessica, i just wanted to drop you a line and say a massive thank you!!!! I saw a post recommending your online course today and have jumped at the chance and got stuck in as i've been in quite a bad place with myself for the last 12-18 months and needed that kick up the bum to shift myself - and WOW what can i say other than a huge huge thank you - just finished step one and downloaded the first worksheet and already i'm understanding and seeing things differently. so i just wanted to say a huge thank you and can't wait to develop further and i look forward to meeting you during our 1:1."

"I've also enrolled in Jessica Reid's quantum leap course and wow blowing my mind."


"I've been working through the quantum leaping program at my own divine pace, and I thank you so much for sharing it. I already know it's a life changer for me xo"

"Hi, I've just done the Quantum Leap course and loved it! I've only done the meditation once of the 40 min and the 20 min one and amazed at my results and how I felt from one of the desires. I'm so excited to learn more as I found the Quantum Leap so interesting and exciting. Thank you Annette xxx"


"Doing the Quantum Leap course totally projected me into my future! 

By at least 2-3 years and I couldn't be happier, a whole host of opportunities are opening up to me work/purpose wise. My soulmate is coming and it is just as you said in my reading in June, he goes in/out and this helps me love myself more and more, and I am learning how much more grounded in self love I am.

Thank you so much for your divine guidance - Delyth"

"Hi Jessica, I’ve just done the quantum Leaping meditation and wanted to say how thankful I am and just how wonderful it was. I have never experienced anything like that before." - Lisa

How Quantum Leaping Has Helped Me To Live My Soul's Desires & Highest Path?

How Quantum Leaping Will Help You To Live Your Soul's Desires & Highest Path?

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