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A Guidance, Support & Expansion Space For Readers

Where we co-create with Spirit, Alchemise Energy,

Channel our offerings, Magnetise soul clients, Structure with ease & Allow ourselves to receive abundance.

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 Feminine & Masculine Balance

Throughout the mastermind we balance our divine feminine

(Soul, Spirit, Intuition, Purpose, Energy, Mindset, Clearing blocks, Embodying / expressing our radiance, Channeling our creativity, Inspiration & Magic!)


While also showing up in our divine masculine with confidence,  Implementing aligned action, Executing our ideas / plans, Valuing our worth & Allowing in abundance!

Referrals & Features

Being in the Readers Realm Inner Circle means that you'll be the first priority when I have clients to refer...

And I'll be featuring your expertise / sharing your new offerings, Supporting launches on my social media & Within the Spirit Girls Collective!

Collaborations & Social growth

Throughout the year I'll be organising collaborations within our circle to support each others businesses...

Such as summit's, Live card pulls, Promotional Giveaways etc.


And we'll be boosting each others social media platforms by using group algorithm methods!



1 x Session every second week

At the beginning of the month we have our Spirit & Soul Sessions (Divine Feminine)

And toward the end of the month,

We take aligned action with our Structure & Strategy Sessions (Divine Masculine)

With ongoing communication in between!

This Inner Circle Mastermind holds a group of 8 soul sisters, 

Is completely customised to the current participants & Is ongoing...

(So joining is possible at any point in time - As long as there is a space available.)

The layout 

1 Year Programme

$333USD / Month, For 12 Months




Or $3333USD For The Year 

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Our year together will be nothing short of magic!

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