In my Soul Readings, I utilise my Clairvoyance and connection with Spirit to bring through guidance,

For your soul's highest good!

What can be accessed ?

- Spiritual Guides

- Passed loved ones & Their messages (Mediumship)


- Soul's general purpose / reason for coming to the earth


- How you can best fufill your purpose


- Insight into each aspect of your life and how they are progressing forward


- What is in alignment with your soul's path for this lifetime

- Crystals that you are being guided to connect with

- Chakra analysis 

- Health insights & Guidance

- Past Lives and how they may be 'affecting' your current life / state of consciousness

- Any blocks or limitations and where they stem from


- Your Inner Child

- Insight/Guidance within purposeful business (If you're looking to start a business / Currently own a business)

- Any soul's that are waiting to become your child/children


- Soul Group / Soul Mate Relationships


And any other questions you may have !



Readings include a recording as I find that there is so much more to pick up on when you listen back again.

Please note that I am taking a hiatus from providing my Soul Readings while Spirit is channeling a new Intuitive development course through me!

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90 Minutes

 $ 233.00USD

60 Min follow-up Readings are only available for previous clients

90 Mins is required for a first time Soul Reading

60 Minutes

 $ 188.00USD

Once you click on the 'Buy Now' button and purchase your Soul Reading, You will be sent to my calendar to book yourself in at a time that suits,

Much Love, Jessica x


Melissa Ambrosini - Speaker & Bestselling Author Of 'Mastering Your Mean Girl' 

"A reading with Jessica is like a warm hug from your bestie.

She oozes love, softness, compassion and beautiful goddess like energy."

Shannon Kaiser, Bestselling Author Of The Self-Love Experiment

"Jessica is amazing. Within the first 15 min I felt a huge release of things I didn’t even know I was carrying around. I feel more grounded, purposeful and focused. 

A true gift she is to this world."

Niyc Pidgeon, Hay House Author

I had a truly profound reading from Jess, for which I am hugely grateful. Jess managed to pinpoint the exact areas that I need help with right now, and offer insight that just made everything click in to place for me. It was like a light bulb going on! Working with Jess has allowed me to gain perspective on some of the healing work that I still have to do, in order to allow myself to move forwards with the strength and power that I desire. The session brought me more clarity and energy, and allowed me to feel supported on the path and journey that I am on. Thank you!

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